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Ingredients are important to use:  we use REAL VANILLA from LITTLE POD, an amazing independent company that has been awarded the Queen's Enterprise Award in sustainability. Everything they are involved in - from pod picking to package recycling -  is as sustainable, ethical and conscientious as possible. Their vanilla makes our Madagascan vanilla ice cream something

truly special. 

We proudly serve GOOD & PROPER TEA by the cup. Some may remember the fragrant Earl Grey ice cream we made by infusing our custard base with their speciality tea leaves. Head to their site to learn more about the art of brewing the perfect cuppa!

If Salted Coffee is your favourite Two Islands Flavour, it's down to the shouldn't-be-right-but-is blend of Coaltown espresso and HALEN MôN sea salt. They hand harvest pure Anglesey sea water on the Menai Straights to make their unique product, that has been awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status along with the likes of Champagne, Parma Ham and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies. They run tours of their harvesting plant, it's fascinating so make a trip!

We use WELSH, FREE-RANGE MILK AND EGGS in our ice cream and butter in our cakes. We purchase lots of organic and fair-trade produce from SUMA, a co-op setting the standard for fair and equal working conditions. 


Since the day we opened we have solely used compostable packaging.


We purchase our packaging from THE PURE OPTION, a family run company who are continually monitoring their environmental impact - they now have 68% of their products made in the EU to reduce shipping miles and carbon footprint (and are working on the 32%). 

Whilst we endeavour to make a positive environmental difference, why not bring in your keep-cup for 20p off a coffee, pick a cone over a tub, or take 5 minutes out of your day to sit-in and enjoy your coffee in the window!

Two Islands Ice Cream, Lon Pen Cei, Abersoch, LL53 7DW 

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